Nursery Units

Fawley Farms has around 30 nursery units which takes the weaners to 40 kgs.  We pay farmers to raise our pigs by a daily rate in the farmers own buildings.  Each month farmers receive an income with a self billing invoice that is very similar to a monthly milk cheque.

Fawley Farms owns the pigs and pays for the feed, haulage, vet bills and provides field staff to offer technical assistance.   The farmers inputs are the buildings, labour, equipment and straw.

Opportunities are available to convert existing buildings, for example redundant dairy/beef buildings.  The average cost of conversion is £40/£60 per pig place.  This compares with £150 per pig place for a new build.  This process is far quicker as planning is not required.

Throughout the setting up process our field staff are on hand to offer professional advice on how best to convert the building and where to purchase equipment from.